Vintage-Style Sailor Tattoo Wrapping Paper Sheet


Inspired by the old Navy and Marine style tattoos, this gift wrap makes a stellar presentation for the sailor in your life!  This gift wrap will make the coolest gift, the prettiest journal page, and the chillest shelving backdrop.  Perfect for wrapping textbooks, too!

Each 19×27″ sheet of amazing wrapping paper is printed on THICK high-quality paper. Ideally, it fits a 10x12x2″ family-size cereal box.

Our wrapping paper is recyclable and eco-friendly. We do not use glitters or plastics on our papers.

- 19"x27" of pattern

- Printed on durable heavyweight paper

- Thick, matte sheets without harmful coatings, glitters, or plastics

- 100% Recyclable

- Made with 40% PCW