About Us


We are.  We are...purveyors of whimsy, dealers in delight.  We are...committed to high quality products that share our dedication to sustainability and social responsibility.  We are...exceptional service and an effortless buying experience.  We are…deeply invested in our community and our people.  We are...the opportunity to find magic in the mundane.  We are...Page & Post. 

How it started.  Page & Post started as a life-long dream that we never imagined was possible.  In 2020, like the rest of the world, we took deep dives introspectively and realized our career paths were not in line with our belief systems and desire for fulfillment.  Both of us felt the need to do something that not only brought us joy but also brought others joy in a way that reflected inclusivity and sustainability.  It took two years of blood, sweat, and tears, but in 2022 the dream came to life when we made our home in The Village of West Greenville.  As West End residents we could not wait to open the doors within the community we call our own.  

How it’s going. One sister spends her days in a house full of plants with a playful mutt at her feet.  One sister spends her days with a sink full of dirty dishes and two playful children at her feet.  One sister is a little more Harry Potter, one sister a little more Game of Thrones.  One would shop for the perfect planner, one would buy more notepads than needed.  One may talk too much, one may talk too little.  Both have a sweet tooth, both love to share a good laugh. We’ll let you decide which is which.