The Natural Dog

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Want to learn what your pet naturally needs?

This is the wellness bible for dog owners everywhere.

 Gwen Bailey's bestselling dog guides have helped hundreds of thousands of owners throughout the world. Now, in this brand new book, you can learn how to give your dog everything it needs to achieve a happy and happy life by focusing on three vital considerations:

  • Physical health: Sticks, exercise games, vaccination and more

  • Dietary health: Hydration, diet, dental health, recipes and feeding

  • Mental health: Stimulation, socialization and canine interaction, addressing aggressive behavior and introducing other pets

 From understanding your dog's physiognomy and analyzing the perfect diet, to keeping your dog naturally alert, spirited and happy throughout its life, 
The Natural Dog offers a holistic approach to changing your dog's lifestyle to get the most out of life.


- 224 pages

- Approx. 8 x 10 inches