Ready For Anything Card Keeper Box


Hey, card lover!  We created a box that’s like a file organizer for your cards, keeping ’em organized and safe from coffee spills and cat paws.  Besides being cute and sturdy, it’s roomy enough for 60+ cards—and comes stocked with 6 Em + Friends greeting cards!  Plus it’s got stickers, tabbed dividers, and a calendar for important dates!  OH YEAH, plus an address keeper, trackers to log cards you’ve sent, and tips for writing cards!  Did we forget anything?  Hmmmmmm… Well, it doesn’t come with a nice warm cup of coffee.  We thought it might spill. 


- 7.5 x 5.75 x 5.25 inches 

- Includes 6 cards with envelopes 

- 7 sturdy tabbed dividers, 68 stickers 

- Handy address keeper and calendar 

- Card-giving logs and card-writing tips