Macho Movies Map Puzzle


This macho movie location map by Lucie Rice charts a course through all the grit and adrenaline of Hollywood's most popular action and adventure flicks.  Where else can you explore the jungles of Wakanda and a galaxy far, far away at the same time?  Place each piece to reveal a new challenge to overcome or a favorite movie one-liner to utter.  Grab your map and let's go!



- Size: 24"x 18"

- Pieces: 500 

- True South puzzles are made with 80-point blue board, which creates a thicker puzzle piece with a more solid "hand"

- All of our puzzles are stamped with metal dies made by one of the few artists in the world who creates jigsaw puzzle die masters by hand

- Puzzle images are created in a collaborative effort between artists and True South to highlight unique facts carefully researched about each location. Fun facts are listed on the back and inner sides of boxes