Weed All About It


Everything you need to know about growing your own cannabis, recipes for marijuana munchies, and a step-by-step guide for 20 innovative ways to roll a joint.

Sick of smoking low-grade weed? Fed up of paying increasingly high prices? Well, now it's time to do something about it and grow your own. With just a small investment in some basic equipment and this guide, you'll soon be flipping the bird to your dealer as you spark up some super-strong green you've grown entirely yourself. And what about once you’ve cultivated your first harvest? The second section looks at recipes for cooking with weed—from hash brownies to ganja guacamole—and innovative, fun ways to smoke it. There are 20 different rolling projects to try, like the perfect, simple one-skin spliff for beginners or the more elaborate behemoth that is The Scorpion.


  • 144 pages

  • 4.85"W x 7.3"L